Weather in Cambodia

Floods at Kampong Speu are common

Cambodia’s climate is tropical and there are generally high temperatures a high humidity levels throughout the year. The best time to travel in Cambodia is between November and February, when temperatures cool from a hot and sticky 35˚C to a more moderate 25-30˚C.

Most tourists visit Cambodia between December and January, and many of the more popular hotels and guesthouses can get rather full at this time. However, there is always somewhere to stay in tourist areas, even during the peak tourist season. 

Fewer people travel in Cambodia during the rainy season, which occurs between June and October. Heavy rain showers descend on most days during this time, and it is best to take a strong, yet lightweight umbrella. While raincoats may seem like a good idea, the high humidity levels can leave travellers feeling hot a sticky while wearing them.

However, most of rain showers fall late in the afternoon, and sightseers should be mostly dry in the day, making travel during the rainy season a good option for those who want to see places that are often crowded, such as the Angkor temple complex.

Although the weather is generally the same in all parts of Cambodia, there are a few regional variations, which visitors should take into account when exploring.

But with our handy guide to Cambodian weather it is easy to plan a trip to the Kingdom and make the most of your time here.

Cambodia weather in the north

This part of Cambodia tends to experience significantly less rainfall than the west and southern regions of Cambodia, making this a good region to explore during the rainy season. Humidity also tends to be slightly lower throughout the year.

Cambodia weather in the south

Many parts of southern Cambodia are at a higher elevation than the rest of the country, meaning that places such as Bokor Hill Station are great to visit during the scorching hot summer months as they are significantly cooler than much of the country. However, evenings can be rather chilly and those used to the scorching summer temperatures may want to wear a light jacket.

Cambodia weather in the east

The climate in the eastern region of Cambodia tends to be rather similar to that experienced in the north. The main difference here, however, is that while rainfall is lower than in the south and west, humidity is high, making exploring in the height summer rather uncomfortable for those who are not used to it. 

Cambodia weather in the west

This region, and especially the Cardamom mountains area of Cambodia, receives the heaviest rainfall of the whole of the country. This mean that this is not a good place to explore during the rainy season. However, while the west of Cambodia can be hot and humid during the summer, temperatures drop significantly during the winter, making this a great place to travel in between November and February.