Sihanoukville bars guide and nightlife

Relaxing with a sundowner is sheer bliss

Sihanoukville is not known as Sinville or Snookyville for nothing, being a favourite destination for both weekenders from Phnom Penh and beach-loving party people everywhere. After dark, there are a number of options for indulgence, whether it’s drinking, dancing or spending. The areas of Ochheuteal and Serendipity Beach and Victory Beach/ Weather Hill Station are the main focus for late night shenanigans, and are ideal for drinking on the beach or admiring the view, while downtown has a number of more traditional watering holes and local revellers.

Most bars in Sihanoukville are part of an attached restaurant or guesthouse; these are listed in the Sihanoukville restaurant guide. The below are the city’s best dedicated bars, clubs and nightlife.

The main centre of beachside nightlife is around Serendipity Beach, from the shoreline back to the Golden Lions, and there is always a party happening at one or more of places along Serendipity Road.

The restaurant block sits behind Ochheuteal Beach although many places on the sand open late depending on customers, we’d name them but they come and go so fast that the only way to really know what’s happening is to go for a wander yourself.

You’ll certainly find what you are looking for in Cambodia’s premier resort destination.

Bars in Otres, Ochheuteal and Serendipity Beaches

Castaways Beach Bar: A true beachside drinking experience with covered bar, beach chairs and grass umbrellas. More relaxed than its counterparts closer to Serendipity Beach.

Utopia: Iconic, hugely popular and always happening, Utopia is a backpacker haven with its raucous late night antics which include regular parties, flame dancers and glow-paint wearing revellers. 

The Wall: Set in a converted colonial villa, this rock and roll venue has live music most nights downstairs, and a nightclub with regular and guest DJs upstairs.

Chiva’s Shack: One of the first and still the most popular bar/ clubs in Sihanoukville, jam packed every night with both foreigners and locals. A huge dance floor and outdoor seating, at the southern tip of Ochheuteal Beach, Chiva’s full moon parties act like a magnet for hedonists across the city.

Sihanoukville bars in Victory Beach / Weather Station Hill

Once the epicentre of partying for the backpacker crowd, the Hill still plays host to several quality long-running establishments that feature live music, jam sessions and fine drinks. These tend to sit alongside one side of the hilltop road, while the growing number of hostess bars that have brought an extra element of seediness to the area flanks the other.

Still, these places sit merrily alongside each other, and there is none of the aggressive street-touting seen in Phnom Penh. On Victory Beach is the visually epic Airport Club, complete with a full sized Russian Antonov airplane suspended from the rafters.

Corner Bar: Sitting in a prime street front position on the corner of the Hill and overlooking the ocean, this welcoming pool attracts all comers. Friendly, pool-playing staff, big screen TV and decent snack menu make this one of the more popular late night destinations.

Snake Pit Bar: Sumptuous garden setting with outdoor lounge and swimming pool, this unique bar, set amid the Snake House Hotel complex, is adorned with live reptiles who jostle for your viewing pleasure with a host of dancing bar girls. Fantastic collection of Russian vodkas.

Airport Club: Airport is a world-class nightclub venue that would do Ibiza proud, and the only one of its kind in Cambodia. A spacious interior with couch seating under a suspended decommissioned Russian Antonov AN-24 plane, the drinks, beachside setting and DJ’s make this the premier nightclub in the area.

Downtown nightlife in Sihanoukville

The nightlife scene in Downtown is tailored more towards the expat community. The bars here are normally western themed, with a sports lean, and have no shortage of female companionship.

Fisherman’s Den Sports Bar: The only air-conditioned sports bar in Sihanoukville and a haven from the heat in summer, where suffering travellers descend to enjoy all-day breakfasts, pool, darts and live sport on request. Music is kept at conversational levels, presumably to allow interaction with the many, friendly hostesses.

Freedom Hotel: Massively popular downtown bar, with a bevy of very friendly hostesses, Freedom is one of the last places to close, if at all. Downstairs has big screen TV, pool tables and hosts live music on the weekends, while the upstairs hotel sees plenty of action from customers.

Emerald Bar: A true Irish pub with real Guinness and the city’s best selection of Irish whiskeys. Massive music collection for your perusal, along with sports TV and footpath seating, their happy hour attracts a dedicated band of followers.

Honeybunny Bar: As the name suggests, a place that has no shortage of friendly waitresses. Often closed during the wet season, the lounge atmosphere and cocktails make this a very intimate bar. 

Casinos in Sihanoukville

Blackjack, roulette and baccarat are the games of choice at Sihanoukville’s dozen or so casinos. These are mainly for Thai tourists who cannot gamble at home, and regional business travellers. There is little to distinguish them from any other casinos in the world, but if you fancy a flutter or an air-conditioned beverage there is no shortage of places happy to take your cash. Slot machines range from 10 cents upwards, while roulette generally has a minimum bet of US$1. Blackjack tables have a US$2-$10 minimum bet, while baccarat is US$5-$10.

Sihanoukville does have its own red light district, and all you need to do to get there is ask any moto driver to take you to the chicken farm. Just outside of town next to the port, this ramshackle collection of tin huts, bamboo and neon is as far from romantic as you can get, but the place to go when you’re in the mood.